AGRI-activ is ALFTECH's agricultural products and services department, specializing in the design of agricultural hardware and products, as well as offering repair services on discrete agricultural products. Our product design and services date back 15 years, specializing in quad-bike ancillary products, spraycars, and agri-quad repair services.

    Depending on the problem scenario, we work together to offer a focussed service or product strategy for our clients. Thys Wilkinson will assist in problem/solution assessments and direct your enquiry to a knowledgeable person at AGRI-activ to assist as necessary. Alf Dednam offers more than 55 years of experience in the design, expert faultfinding and diagnosis of a wide range of agricultural, electrical and electronic industrial equipment.




For more information on helping you reduce down-time, improve plant throughput, productivity, measurement and control please contact:

Thys Wilkinson []

 or phone: +27-61-744-8586, South Africa [GMT + 2 hours]

Alf Dednam []

or phone: +27-83-249-7168, South Africa [GMT + 2 hours]