Services Offered by ALFTECH:

As a services company, Alf  Electro-Technical Services CC specialized in the faultfinding & diagnosis of problems with electro-mechanical machinery. We also offer electronic & embedded hardware for control, monitoring & feedback where of the shelf solutions fail or are limited in capabilities.

Depending on the problem scenario, we work together to offer a focussed service or product strategy for our clients. Alf Dednam offers more than 45 years of experience in the design, expert faultfinding and diagnosis of a wide range of electrical and electronic industrial equipment. This includes many years as project manager for a large industrial concern and we regularly rely on this experience in our proposals to clients.


"Your Partner in Industrial Innovation!"


For more information on helping you reduce down-time, improve plant throughput, productivity, measurement and control please contact:

Alf Dednam []

or fax: +27-21-852-8111,
phone: +27-83-249-7168, South Africa [GMT + 2 hours]

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