Digital Programmable Timers

Our  DPT-Console V 3.3 Application Software is shipped with the DPT-EN3 Hardware.

NOTE: DPT-Console 3.3 IS NOT backward-compatible with DPT-EN1 and DPT-EN2 Hardware.

Click to download DPT-Console V 3.3 Install Files (Zipped Folder).

Extract the downloaded file to a location of your choice on your hard drive. Open the extracted "DPT-Console 3_3 Install Files" folder and double-click the Setup.exe file to install the DPT-Console v 3.3 application software. A DPT-Console V 3.3 desktop Icon will be created, double-click to run the DPT-Console application.


The DPT–EN3 Hardware is supplied with DPT–Console, a Microsoft® Windows based graphical user interface software, which allow the easy creation of scheduled events that activates the DPT-Hardware's output relay. The Schedule Details dialog, allows you to create up to 120 individual events per day in a 7-day cycle. During this process, you will be able to define all relevant options, such as Pulse Time duration, with specific times at which the DPT output should be activated.

Console main screen: A new project can be created, or an old one opened for editing and downloading.
Configuring Schedule Details: A new schedule with event details can easily be created in a three-step process.
Download: When all schedule details are prepared, this form allows you to download the data to the DPT-EN3. Download progress are displayed at all times.

DPT Time Synchronization SOFTWARE:

The DPT–EN3 Hardware is supplied with DPT Time Synchronization, a Microsoft® Windows based graphical user interface software which allow easy and automatic updates of the DPT's internal clock from the attached PC.
NOTE: The DPT's internal clock is accurate to ± 2 minutes per year, whereas an average PC's internal clock is ONLY accurate to ± 2 minutes PER WEEK! Do not install this software if the DPT is connected to a PC that is not automatically kept up to date from an external source (such as a network Server).
The DPT_Sync.exe software application is thus only used where the attached PC's time is regularly updated from a Server and/or it in itself is updated regularly from an Internationally Accredited world time clock/server.

DPT_Sync Configuration Dialog: Various options allow one to specify the time of day and when to synchronize the attached DPT(s) with the PC's internal clock.

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